We'll Help You Find the Heating System That's Right for Your Houston, TX Home

Your HVAC system controls the comfort of your home's interior. If your HVAC system is on the fritz, it will not heat your house properly.

Fortunately, Mays Air Conditioning and Heating Service is just a phone call away. We serve the Houston, Texas area, and with 40 years of experience installing new HVAC systems and troubleshooting old systems for our customers, we have the skills and knowledge for the task.

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the Houston, Texas area, and we can do any job, big or small. Much of our business comes from repairs to existing systems.

A Quick Look at How Your Houston, TX HVAC System Works

The basic purpose of an HVAC system is to control two variables in your home: air temperature and humidity. How it does this depends on the type of HVAC system you are using. There are many kinds, including:

• Split AC system (Central air) - This is the simplest type of HVAC system. The main unit is set up outside your home, and a blower fan can move either warm or cool air into your house, depending on your needs. The temperature is often set by a thermostat.

• Furnace-based system - The furnaces you find in modern HVAC units are different from the gravity-fed furnaces of old. You will often find these paired with a split AC system. This type of furnace is far more energy-efficient, allows for more precise temperature control than previous such systems and uses more advanced technology to heat your home more quickly. Modern furnaces are also dual-purpose because the blower fan can also cool the air around the furnace. The air is then forced up through the ductwork, which distributes the warmed (or cooled) air throughout your home.

• Heat pump - This type of system uses a simple heat pump to move air from outside into your home. A compressor circulates some type of refrigerant between itself and an air handler that's usually set up inside your home. Depending on the season, the refrigerant will either release or absorb heat on its way to the air handler.

• Thermostat - Some HVAC systems use a thermostat for precise temperature and humidity control. A programmable thermostat can even control air temperature at specific times in your house, or be controlled remotely from any wireless device.